Being fired from a job can be one of the most emotionally traumatizing events in a person’s live.  If you believe you have been fired from your job for an unlawful reason, it is important to promptly take action to ensure that your rights can be enforced through a lawsuit in court. 

Preserve Documents and Emails

Before being fired, it is important to keep a written record of any retaliation, harassment or discrimination you suffer in the workplace.  This means, keep a journal or notes in real time of things that are said to you or events that occur in the workplace that may be used later to show that the company treated you in an unlawful manner.  Also, make a written record of any communications you have with human resources by emailing your concerns, rather than communicating only verbally.  Finally, under California law, you have a right to receive a copy of your personnel file from your employer.  If you are concerned you are about to be fired, or if you have just been fired, promptly submit a request to the company for your personnel file.

Be Civil and Continue to Do Your Job

When subject to retaliation, harassment and discrimination, you may be tempted to give your manager or human resources a piece of your mind by yelling or sending a rude email.  While it is important to clearly state your concerns—in writing—it is always best to remain as professional and civil as possible.  Take the high road.  Losing your cool will only give the employer justification for ending your employment, and will ultimately hurt your credibility in court before a jury. 

Contact an Employment Lawyer Before You’re Fired

The best thing you can do if you are suffering retaliation, harassment or discrimination in the workplace is to contact an attorney who represents exclusively employees in employment matters before you are fired.  At Ceartas Legal, our team of expert employment attorneys will guide you through the steps to take in order to best preserve and protect your legal rights should your employer end up terminating your employment.  And it is equally, if not more, important, to consult with an employment attorney before considering resigning.